Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5 weeks

The nurse from my OB’s office called today to get my medical history. I pestered her with questions about foods, medications, and sleeping on my back, and she was very good-natured about it. According to her calculations, I am due December 18 so I'm in my 5th week (of 40).

Even though it made me feel better to talk to a medical professional, my first appointment is still a month away and Steve still hasn't quite gotten it in his head that I am pregnant. The other night I was taking a whirlpool bath with candles, and he popped in to see if I needed anything. I joked, "Sure, can you bring me a glass of wine?" And he turned right around to go get it, forgetting that I won't be drinking wine any time soon.

I’ve picked out colors for the nursery. Again. This time I’m thinking blues and greens, regardless of the baby’s gender. And I found out that crib bumpers are passé because they decrease air circulation, can cause SIDS, and aren’t really necessary because a kid at that age can’t really hurdle him/herself toward the bars of the crib hard enough to cause injury.

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The Ousdahls said...

Dear Anne,

I love Blue and Green for either gender. We did Michaela's room in Navy Blue and I still love it. From your last warning though, I will not get excited, because who knows what you will end up picking...I can't to hear more.