Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Since when are there 750 things we must have before the baby comes?! When Steve and I were born our moms probably didn't have all this stuff, let alone the option of a registry. Now it's standard. And it's complicated. I can relate to stories like Elizabeth having a meltdown in the stroller aisle at Babies R Us. I start looking at baby gear and my eyes start glazing over. So many options, and people have so many different opinions. And advertisers are really good at making one think you need everything. The ironic thing is the people who are registering are first-time parents (read: clueless), and the people who actually know what they're doing don't need to register. Fortunately a couple of my friends who do know what they're talking about have offered to help me choose things.

I'm not into matchy-matchy, so yes, decorating the nursery is kind of a challenge without a theme. Or a gender. But I get tired of certain things (songs, commercials) when I'm overexposed, so I don't really want to decorate with safari animals lest I swear off taking my kid to the zoo later. I did decide to have a chair rail installed in the nursery to protect the wall from the crib and divide the space for painting. This week my color idea is pale gray-aqua above the rail and Fudgesicle (taupe) below.

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