Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Monthly Checkup

I'm 25 Weeks along now and yesterday was my last monthly appointment; the next one is in 3 weeks and they're bi-weekly after that. Moving right along!

After 5 months of practicing, I can safely say that peeing in a cup is not a skill I possess.

I asked the nurse practitioner about my swollen ankles (they've become chronic - sorry to keep bringing it up) and she diplomatically suggested that a regular diet of fast food, Chinese takeout, and pizza may not be the best thing for me.* Fortunately my BP and urine protein were normal, so it's not looking like preeclampsia. I'm not finding much when I google "lymphatic exercises" so I'm opting to limit my sodium intake rather than wear support hosiery with my capris and flip-flops.

*Did I mention that I've (we've) gained 10lbs since my last visit? Sheesh. They insist that's still within the normal/recommended range because I didn't gain much in the beginning.

The baby's heart rate was 138 and the abdominal measurement was 27.5cm, more than 2cm > normal. Yikes. However, the NP did it this time and the doctor the last time, and different people measure differently so I'm not too concerned (read: I didn't have any dreams about giant babies last night.)

Next up: the glucose screening test. I've heard people refer to the stuff as sickeningly sweet, so I'm thinking bring it on! I love sweet.


Anonymous said...

Eh...WAY too much hype on the glucose test. It tastes almost exactly like orange soda.

kateypie35 said...

You look great! I agree with elizabeth, the glucose drink was like orange soda...not bad. Hope you pass!!! I didn't. Boo.