Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Class, Week 3

This week during our childbirth preparedness class we had a tour of the Labor & Delivery department. First you deliver in one kind of room (we're hoping for Room 6 with the sofa) and then they take you to the Mother-Baby unit to recover and recieve guests. One noticable difference between this and the hospital I thought I was going to use (Christiana Care -- we were living in Delaware) is that you always have a private room. I visited a friend who was recovering from birth at Christiana in a semi-private room, which meant a curtain separated us from her roommate, ~9 relatives, and their really strong ethnic food. Private hospital room - it's a good thing.

After the tour we took the elevator back to the instruction room, but when we got to that level the doors wouldn't open. Here we are, a group of people whose pregnant-lady-per-capita numbers are rivaled only by Babies R Us, and we are stuck in an elevator. (Pictured here are Karen and Craig being good sports.) It didn't take long to get the elevator working again, but we did miss our Daily Grind break.

In the remainder of class we practiced our breathing techniques, the partners learned that ice chips and lip balm are as important as reminding us to move every half hour, we pre-registered for hospital admission, and I volunteered for Instructor Mary to demonstrate back, scalp, hand, and foot massage on me. So nice!

No graphic videos this week so I didn't go home freaked out about delivery, but I did dream about it all night.

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