Monday, October 20, 2008


Our friends from Cornerstone (young adults' group) threw us a shower at Reid's house on Friday night. This time we included the guys, who enjoyed being able to help open gifts. Our friend Johnny even wrote a Top 10 List for baby name suggestions, my favorite being Michael Scott Hussey (Michael Scott is the boss on The Office). We even had a baby present and two other expecting moms (Karen and Brooke), contributing to my feeling that IT'S RAINING BABIES! Molly's knitted elephant stole my heart, so I think he will have to live on our bed (for safety). We are so blessed to have friends and family share in the welcoming of this kid!

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Kerry said...

not Michael... anything but Michael... there are 15gazillion Mike's in the world. At football with my son 3 Dad's named Mike and like 4 of the kids.

Scott is a nice first name :)