Wednesday, December 10, 2008

37 Weeks + 5 Days

I'm rotating through the four doctors at my new OB practice, so today I met Dr. Leonard for the first time. I almost laughed out loud when he came in because he looks like Dr. Spaceman (That's pronounced spə-chěmʹĭn) on 30 Rock. I had my weekly checkup today and there's not a whole lot going on. A little softening of my cervix, that's it. My BP is normal and (sorry) I didn't ask for the stats on my weight, the baby's heart rate, abdominal measurement, etc.

When I asked what happens if nothing happens for 2 more weeks, Dr. Spaceman Leonard said they normally induce at 41 weeks but they are also sensitive to that being the end of the year, so I think it's safe to hope this will be a December baby after all. He also made a guess that the baby's weight is currently about 7.5 pounds and showed me how little Fred/Clementine is positioned, which is pretty much like this previously posted diagram but facing the other way. So, I took a picture to show you where I'm feeling lumps... My left hand is where he said the spine is, the head is pointing down, there's a butt (maybe knees?) along the top/front side, and my right finger is pointing to where I often get feet sticking out right under my rib cage. Little, distinct feet. You can replicate this by poking your tongue out the side of your cheek as far as it will go. That's about the size and shape of the knob poking out of my side.

As far as symptoms, I can't feel any Braxton-Hicks contractions (although I am told they are happening), my feet and ankles are still swollen, I have a tough time falling asleep at night, my Tums supply is dwindling, and getting up from (or rolling over while in) a horizontal position resembles a turtle trying to right itself from its back. Otherwise I am doing well, still happy, working my butt off, walking 1-2 days a week, and hanging out with friends as much as possible. My friends Mary and Erika came over yesterday to help me organize the nursery and that was a HUGE help. I think we're ready.

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Tammy said...

Hi Anne! I bet you will go any day exciting! That's great you are spending time with friends while you can, after little Nicolaus was born I felt so shut in that I was excited just to go to WalMart to exchange some diapers! Keep us posted and I will be praying for an easy delivery. BTW, Dr. Lowder delieverd Nicolaus, but everyone in the practice is wonderful...keep us posted.