Thursday, January 22, 2009

Week 4

It's been a cooooooold week here, and we even got an inch of snow on Monday. Thanks, Aunt Mary, for the cozy outfit!

We went in for a weight check yesterday, and Dr. Dameron was pleasantly surprised that she's up to 9lb 13oz. I've started dressing OJ in clothes other than sleepers, a big step for Mama because it involves wrestling onesies over that big beautiful head and pants that have to be threaded on the noodle legs for every diaper change.

Breastfeeding is still happening, although not fun, and we're heading to see the lactation consultant today to get some input. Over the weekend I gave myself a break, pumping and supplementing with formula because she was hungry all. The. Time. (Come to find out it was likely a growth spurt.) It is so tempting luxurious to have someone else give her a bottle.

Olivia has a new belly button, so we started giving her baths in the baby tub. She loves the warm water, so that's a relief. It's part of our new bedtime routine, of which I will speak no more for now because I'm afraid of jinxing it.

Steve and I went out for dinner with the baby on Tuesday! We also have taken her shopping a couple times and are getting better at stroller wrangling. (Honestly it seems easier at times to carry that 2-ton car seat instead.)

There is bleating coming from the crib right now, a sound that I am told I need to get used to. It breaks my heart to hear the baby cry, but the alternative is to hold her or have her strapped to me for a good chunk of the day. I did learn to get my coffee and banana *before* getting her from the crib in the morning so I am not just starving in the chair for the duration of the feeding. She is quiet for about 4 minutes in the bouncy seat during my shower and additional increments of 30 seconds (the time it takes to spit out the cork) while I get dressed, which means I have to listen to her squalls echoing through the bathroom. But she's fed and changed, so I know she's okay - it's just hard to hear knowing that if I pick her up she'll stop right away. It's a good thing she's cute.

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~ Dawn ~ said...

Anne and Steve... She is precious! So glad things are going well. Can't wait to meet her. Hugs to you all!