Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Steve and I like to eat out. A lot. We like good food and we can't be bothered to make it. And having a baby doesn't seem to dampen our ability to do eat out. We've had people bringing us delicious food for weeks, so after that nice break from fixing dinners I wanted to make Valentine's Day special by cooking together instead of going out. I've been watching a lot of the food network lately and I love how the recipes are available online instead of me having to take notes while feeding the baby. Plus, restaurants are usually packed on V-day.

Olivia and I shopped for the fixings during the week. The thing about grocery carts is that her car seat doesn't fit in the top/front section, so I have to put her in the basket part. Fortunately I go to the store often enough that we don't have to do a "big shopping" day, but yesterday I managed to get enough stuff to make it funny.

Yesterday after meeting my dad for coffee I got dry-aged filet mignon from the butcher, plus sausage for breakfast.

Steve and I woke up this morning and the conversation went like this:
"Did you feed the baby during the night?"
"No. Did you?"
"No. We'd better check on her!"

That's right, Olivia slept from 10 until 7. What a wonderful Valentine gift! Also, Steve saw in the paper that the Lord Fairfax Orchid Society was having a show last weekend, so he took us to pick one out for Valentine's Day. It's an oncidium and seems to like its spot on the edge of our tub.

So our V-day breakfast was buttermilk pancakes from scratch and sausage. Those pancakes melt in your mouth and are just as good as the restaurants without having to get dressed to leave the house. I forgot to make fresh orange juice (our latest indulgence), but we had some from the store.

The rest of the day we did stuff around the house and then for dinner Steve grilled the steaks to perfection and topped them with caramelized onions. We also had iceburg wedges with homemade bleu cheese dressing, roasted potatoes, and Costco dinner rolls. Plus, we found a bottle of champagne in the fridge from who knows when, so we popped that open. Steve even ran out to get ice cream to perfect the Ghirardelli brownies. (Why make brownies from scratch when the box kind is better?) Then we watched a movie and put the baby to bed. That's my idea of a perfect Valentine's Day.

So... how long with the baby sleep tonight?

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