Monday, March 23, 2009

Talk to me

Olivia has found her voice! A couple weeks ago she would talk to you if you got in her face and talked, but now that's what we hear coming from her crib when she wakes up. OoooowougahhhhoowAHHHeh. Huh. Guhhhowahhhh...

She gets hiccups after she eats, which has been awfully cute on its own but has now reached a new level when she talks through them. Oooooowow gahhhAHHwuh

Her skin is 90% soft and smooth now, with a few scaly places remaining near her ankle folds (that's right, she's part Shar Pei) and no more redness. I had been chuckling when I'd sarcastically say, "Soft as a baby's skin," but now her skin is really soft and buttery and I just want to kiss it. So now my sarcastic chuckles are assigned to, "Sleeps like a baby." Sleep for an hour, fuss for a few minutes, fall back to sleep for a little while, wake up and talk, catnap, OKAY I'M HUNGRY!! Who wants to sleep like a baby?

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