Thursday, May 14, 2009


Just wanted to do a little plug for Costco flowers. On our anniversary Steve said he wanted to give me flowers, but wanted me to be able to pick them out. Fresh flowers are a luxury I don't allow myself but he likes to indulge, so we compromised and went to Costco. I got this "garden bunch" of lilies for $9 and they lasted until yesterday. Two full weeks! Notice how dreary it looks outside... Steve was in Houston last week and I don't think he really believed me when I said it rained. all. week.

One of our first ventures out of the house after Olivia was born was to go get flowers from Costco for my birthday. That time I picked out these variegated tulips, and they lasted a long time as well. Way to go, Costco! I know of people who even ordered flowers for their wedding from Costco, and I think that's a fantastic idea.

In other news, Mom and I got together for a sewing day last week. This photo was taken the week before to show how hideous the original rattan porch furniture cushion covers were. They were dry-rotted 80's print and the stuffing was falling out, but we got the set for free so it makes it all worthwhile. Or so I thought. The original plan was to cover them in this pretty wheat-colored outdoor fabric I got for a song at an outlet in Delaware. I figured I'd just hose them off when they got dirty instead of taking the time and effort to install zippers so I could machine wash them. But, Riley and her dirty paws love to take naps here so some of these cushions are already turning permanently brown, and before I was even finished I realized that I'd have to start over. Ugh. So I hit a sale online for some of this fabric (oh, how I love thee, paisley) to hide the dirt better, and this time I'm going to install velcro closures. While the new fabric is taking eons to arrive I finished covering the cushions in the wheat fabric - what I'm now referring to as the underwear layer.

Steve's parents and brother made the trip down to visit for Mother's Day and Olivia's dedication at church. We enjoyed a good visit, especially seeing Matt back from his year in South Africa.

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