Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Noah's Road

There's always horrible stuff in the news. Once in a while it hits close to home and I just want to go in and hug my girl while she sleeps.

Tonight I heard the story (through Facebook) of Noah, a little boy here in Virginia just a month older than Olivia. A couple weeks ago he was shaken by his daycare provider and is now suffering brain damage - Shaken Baby Syndrome. His parents are keeping a blog, documenting their journey and hopefully shedding some light on SBS. My heart aches for them, and I am proud of their attitude.

We understand that reading Noah’s story brings to light so many questions and anger about how someone could do this to a loving, helpless child. We are angry. We are devastated. However, Noah’s Road is dedicated to hope and prayer, not in any way a medium to condemn the woman who did this to him. Please keep your comments positive.

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