Saturday, May 23, 2009


Olivia outgrew her 0-3mo short-sleeved clothes before she got to wear them, so I embellished this set of onesies to send to my new niece.

Jen picked the fabrics (love that Heather Bailey!), my mom used them to make a patchwork bear for Lyla (like Olivia's), and I used the scraps for these baby birds. Not hard except for stitching around those tiny beaks and tails through only one layer of a tiny garment made from stretchy fabric. (Yes, I used fusible interfacing.)

Next on the docket: a shopping cart (or restaurant highchair) cover to keep our germs off the precious shopping carts. Considering purchasing one from Etsy as I don't really see myself making more than one so it may not be worth all the troubleshooting.

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