Sunday, June 21, 2009


  • is all better! No more sniffles or coughs.
  • likes to sleep on her tummy now. She didn't even like to be on her tummy until just recently. I'll go in and roll her onto her back, and a few minutes later I'll check and she's got her tush stuck up in the air again.
  • has hair just long enough to tuck behind her ears. It's also growing over the bald spot on the back of her head.
  • is growing out of her 3-6mo clothes. I allowed myself a rare trip to Gymboree today and found tights on clearance, which offset the madras-plaid pants and hat. Even on clearance they were more than I usually pay for my own clothes, but Gymboree has a certain cute quotient that makes it worth it. I did not get the madras espadrilles or sunglasses - huge restraint on my part! And I found a Gymboree dress at the thrift store for $3.50 so I'm going to average that in.
  • doesn't like to eat solids. A few weeks ago she'd grunt like she was working on something in her diaper all through the meal. (And every time her diaper was clean - faker!) Now she just clamps her jaw shut. Some days I just skip solids alltogether because I can't be bothered to force-feed her.
  • is rolling over... and over... back to front to back, but only in one direction. And she doesn't know how to do it when she needs to; she'll still holler when she gets stuck on her tummy.
    is on her second set of batteries for more than one toy. We went ahead and bought them in bulk.
  • is grabbier and scratchier than ever. Why does she always grab painful things like hair or coffee? Her legs are better than they were in like March, but still scaly in places. And she gets spotty, red rashes sometimes, but they're never in conjunction with new food/products/clothes and usually gone by the next day.

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Kerry said...

Gymboree clothes are adorable. It's hard to practice restraint in there.

Aislin didn't like solids until she was about 8 or 9 months old. I don't think we even really tried them until 6 months and they were not a hit at first. It doesn't sound like you are worried, but definitely don't be--she'll start grabbing for the food when she's ready. :)