Friday, June 12, 2009

Sniff, sniff

Yesterday morning Olivia felt warm, so I took her temp (oh, joy) and it was 100.4. (!) Her first fever. So I stripped her down and consulted my baby guide, which said infants 3-6 months can go up to 101.5 before you call the pediatrician. Fevers are the body's way of fighting off disease, so I didn't worry about it because she was eating and sleeping fine. My friend Elizabeth suggested I give her some Tylenol and consult the APA book, which suggested calling the doctor above 101 and not medicating if the baby isn't fussy. Later on it was 100.2 and even later it was 100.5, so I gave Olivia some Tylenol anyway (which subsequently dyed everything in the vicinity pink). By bedtime her temp was back to normal, and the whole day my girl was her happy self - what a champ!

And she did *share* with Mama; I couldn't fall asleep last night because my throat was so raw, and today I've got the sniffles. I think the most annoying thing in this whole First Sickness is feeling like a hostage... canceling my nursery reservation at the gym, canceling my girls' dinner out, canceling my trip to HomeGoods with Debora, keeping her out of the nursery on Sunday... I'm trying to take it easy and let OJ rest, but I will admit I'm grieving the old days a little when I could just pick up and go. And Debora got me sick right before my 30th birthday trip to St. Thomas, so this would have been the perfect payback! *wink* I did get to go dress shopping with Elizabeth after Steve got home, so that did wonders being able to get out of the house sans bebe.

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