Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Last week Steve, Olivia, and I headed to Duck, NC for vacation. [Note: Although we seem to travel a lot, joining Steve on his business trips doesn't really count as vacation.] On Saturday it was beautiful for the drive down and we stopped at Morris Farm Market for some scuppernong wine. Got some BBQ at Sooey's and crashed for the night at the condo. Olivia actually fell asleep in my lap, which is so rare we took pictures.

Sunday was beautiful, so we headed over the dunes for Olivia's first time in the ocean. She seemed to like it pretty well. Kept trying to eat the sand.

We spread the towels out on our porch to dry for the next day, but Monday morning I woke up to find them soaking wet. Pouring rain. Wind. All day. At least we had internet access. We did head up to Corolla to shop a little and check out restaurants, but it was so cold we just left OJ in her pajamas.

More rain on Tuesday, and starting at 5am there were fire alarms triggered by the rain. The fire department said it was common for this to happen in our building. How comforting. So we worked and Olivia played.

Finally Wednesday it was nice again but the waves were still pretty rough, so we checked out the pool. (Thanks, Miss Mary, for the raft!)

Thursday... more rain and wind...

Friday we decided to head home because we had a busy day on Saturday (wedding reception, then a separate wedding/reception). Of course it cleared up just as we started to load the car, but it made for a pretty drive. Despite the weather we had a relaxing week and ate all kinds of good food.

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Jessica said...

Sounds like a banner week... Well minus the cold, wind, and rain... :) Hope you at least ate all kinds of yummalicious food!!
Missed seeing you on Tuesday, however saw lil' miss OJ and got to play with her... Pop in next week and see me eh? I'll be the one in the corner rocking back and forth while listening to all the Kids HOWL... :)