Saturday, February 6, 2010


We're getting a big snowstorm, predicted to be up to 30" when it's all over tonight.  (Edited: The snow stopped in time for the sunset, 24" total on the patio but everyone else got 30"+ so I guess the house shielded the patio.)  I just got an automated call from the county letting us know there is an emergency shelter for folks without power, and I've seen updates on FaceBook about people losing power nearby.  I'm thankful ours is working so far.

Steve and I shoveled about 9" of snow last night so there would be less to do today. Then this morning our neighbor hollered over to Shoveling Steve and said if we could clear the bottom of the driveway he'd snowblow the rest. This after he snuck over and blew our driveway for a storm earlier this week when Steve was traveling. What a blessing! I'm beginning to feel like we live in Western New York's snow belt, where they get lake effect snow about every week without melting in between. My mother-in-law even called to check in and tease us about knowing what it's like to live there, which was hilarious because she is the sweetest lady.

Today we finally let Olivia meet some snow and she loved it. She was very intrigued.  She just stood there and didn't move for the longest time, which is pretty unusual for her.  I don't have snow clothes for her per se, so I put some SmartWool socks (Thanks, Mom) on her feet inside a sleeper, then an extra pair of pants, a hat, and her winter coat. I skipped the socks-on-hands because I wanted her to be able to feel the snow.

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