Monday, April 5, 2010


Steve had Friday off so we drove to upstate New York for a sweet visit with his parents and brother for Easter.  On the way there the external thermometer read 86 degrees and we wondered if it was broken.  Turns out it was indeed that warm, and because it wasn't humid it would cool down nicely at night - my kind of weather. 

Steve and I always go to Wegmans when we're there because there is one in every town.  Heaven!  We just walk around and sip coffee, finding things we can't get at home like Finishing Sauce and Italian coffee. 

We watched the Final Four and rooted for Butler out of respect because they'd beaten Syracuse (and because their coach looks like he could be one of the players, so that makes them underdogs in my book). 

Cherie (Grandma Hussey) "hid" some eggs for Olivia to find, and she started by picking up one in each hand and walking around, unsure what to do next.  Eventually she got the concept of putting them in the empty basket, but then when it got several eggs in it she'd dump it out.  She tends toward entropy in general these days (take apart, scatter, dump, knock down, etc.). 

First words...  Olivia has been saying "da'y" for about a month to represent her daddy (in person or on the phone), and also her grandparents, my friend Reid, etc.  Steve said she has words for book and Riley and will repeat "yum," too.  I haven't heard those yet.  Olivia will grunt a couple times when she sees a dog because somebody (Grandma?) has been teaching her "ruff ruff" for dog.  When she sees something she likes she says, "Oooooh."  But this weekend Olivia started saying "uh-oh" and will repeat it indefinitly if you echo.  It's about the cutest thing I've ever heard.  Right now she's waking up from her nap and I can hear her saying, "Uh-oh... uh-oh," to herself.

Here is a picture of Tom and me on my first Easter.  I think Olivia is looking more like a blend of Steve and me. 

Here's another old picture of me from around the same time.  Steve's dad says he's surprised kids didn't end up bow-legged from cloth diapers.

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