Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Mini ponytails

Olivia's hair is growing, but it's still pretty short on top while the back is getting pretty long.  With the advent of summer humidity, her curls keep her from having a full-on mullet.  I sneak tiny barrettes and clip-on bows into her hair, but eventually they get found and removed as if they were cockleburs.

Twice I have put Olivia's curls into little ponytails, a small feat with this wiggly one.  Both times we drove somewhere afterward (park, post office), and by the time we get there the hair is loose and ponytail holders are missing.

Will somebody please tell me when it is high time we have her hair cut?  She was with me last time I got my hair cut and my stylist said to just let Olivia's grow.  Somebody told me that once they cut the first curls off their child's hair it was never curly again.  Like curly cotelydons.  Makes me want to wait to get her hair cut, but then it may turn into mullet denial.  Let me know!

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