Thursday, September 23, 2010

My hair has lost its virginity

I have never dyed my hair (except for some lemon juice action in high school), but I thought red highlights (lowlights?) would be fun for fall.  Just a touch.  Now I wish I'd been more bold because I think I'm the only one who can see them.  I just didn't want a full-on Sydney Bristow, ya know?

When I chopped my curly hair off last year I was expecting it to be curly.  Surprise!  Hormones brought my curls when I was a teenager, and apparently hormones took them away when I had Olivia.  Ever since the mop-chop my hair and I have been getting reaquainted.  I like the cut I've had this summer, but it has a mind of its own so I have to blow it out every time I shower or nap (hate).  Plus I don't like having to get it cut (read: get a sitter so I can get it cut) so often.  Now I'm wondering what it looks like longer, without all the curl I had pre-pregnancy.  We'll see how long I last with growing it out; last time it was about this length people kept telling me they liked my hair short so I gave up and got it cut it again. 

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