Monday, October 25, 2010

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Soon I will be able to give Olivia's age just in years instead of doing the math.  Right now my standard answer is "She'll be 2 in December."

When I picked her up from school one day last week she came running, yelling, "Mommy! Mommy!" even after I picked her up. And then she grabbed my face in her hands and planted one on me. It's even easier to love this kid when she loves back.

She's teaching herself letters using the Fridge Phonics.  Pictured are the ones she can find when asked.  We'll be driving around or at a store and she'll yell out a letter when she sees it.  And she'll keep saying it louder and louder until you acknowledge the source.

Our friends Matt and Molly stopped by on their way through town a few weeks ago and Olivia still points to one particular chair and says, "Matt."  And in the dining room she points to a chair where "Papa" sat on Grandparents' Day.

I bought this fabric to make a stuffed animal for Olivia, but she is having so much fun with it.  She refers to it with a meow.

Her favorite activities are bubbles, the rice bin, going to the store, and TV.  When she hears the song from, "Bob the Builder" ("Can we fix it?"), she says, "No way!"  That is completely independent of our home improvement skill levels and I'd like to know who taught her that little trick.
This summer there was unexplained grumpiness and chewing on her fingers, so I figured she was getting her cuspids/canines/eye teeth/the pointy ones.  Weeks went by and I forgot about it until last week when I realized they had finally made an appearance. 

We go for walks with our friends Meghan and Lily (Lily is 2) and Olivia loves to find airplanes in the sky.  And "sky" is pronounced "guys."

Tomorrow we're heading to Hedgebrook Farm with the playgroup, which I'm hoping will help link the animal sounds and names we've been working on. 

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