Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New York

I was supposed to be leaving England today.  Steve was in Manchester for business last week so the plan was for me to drive Olivia to my in-laws' house in western NY, tour northern England for a few days after Steve's meetings ended, then fly/drive home together.  But, flight delays/cancellations made our Plans A, B, and then C fall through. Technically I did go to Manchester, but the just the one on the Thruway as I passed through on 21.  (To the unnamed airline who detrimentally delayed/cancelled 4 of our flights in the past week: I know you have your reasons for doing what you do, but you are on my naughty list.)

As disappointing as it was to have our England plans fall through, we rolled with it and Olivia and I had a wonderful visit with Grandma & Poppy.  The weather was absolutely beautiful (especially compared to hot, sticky Virginia or cold, rainy England) and I had a great time visiting with Steve's dear, sweet parents.  The traditional mother-in-law gripes simply do not apply.  Cherie even offered to keep Olivia the rest of this week and bring her home over the weekend.  Here are some pictures of our stay...  
Chill & Grill
Helping Poppy with the dishes

Playing with Grandma

Painting the sidewalk

Puzzles with Uncle Matt

Seneca Park Zoo
Picking strawberries
Beautiful New York

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