Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Until Olivia is old enough to appreciate creativity and handiwork, I am totally fine with purchasing Halloween costumes with minimal effort.  This year she's a lion -- thank you, Jo-Ann Fabrics and your pre-made costume section.  (Note to self: Try costume on child while there are still a variety of sizes left in stock.)

Preschool parade with Poppy
Preschool class
It wasn't until Olivia was on the way to school on Friday that I realized a blue-and-white striped scarf would have made the perfect accessory.  Now I have two years to knit one before Bowen is a lion for Halloween.

We are... Penn State!

Friday night we partook in our first trick-or-treat at the mall.  I should have known when I saw the *full parking lot* what a zoo it would be inside.  There was a line of characters snaking the entire length of the mall, patiently waiting for a turn to collect candy at each store. 

What do you say?
Olivia wanted to hold all the candy in her hands; didn't trust that sneaky Jack-o'-Lantern bucket.

And tonight our little lion had a black nose and whiskers...


Hope you had a fun Halloween!  Don't forget to take taxes out of your kids' stash while they're in bed.