Monday, December 19, 2011

Check, check, and check

My jewelry orders are shipped.
Steve is home from a week in London and Gothenburg.
We're getting over colds.
My niece and nephew's gifts are on their way.
I'm starting to wrap the other presents and put them under the tree.
I'm finally getting some Christmas cards in the mail.  This is not going to be the year I start composing a Christmas letter to go inside, and I didn't manage to do photo cards this year either.  I'm really enjoying everybody else's Christmas cards and letters, though!

I found peppermint icing for cookies.  Helps the candy cane crumbles stick to the top.
Eggnog makes a great coffee creamer.
I love how the living room looks with just the light from our tree.

I put off designing the annual photo book until after Christmas, but I still have 16 extra things on my to-do list this week (and no school for Olivia).  I may not be back to chat for a while. 

Have a merry Christmas, friends!

1 comment:

Kerry (your neighbor) said...

Gosh, he's getting so big! And he's so cute! Olivia looks like she did great at the dentist. I'm sure she's an awesome big sister. :)

I hope you have a great Christmas!