Friday, January 27, 2012

Car Seat Canopy

I blinked and a month went by!  It's been kinda busy around here and I have even less free time than when Bowen slept all the time.  He's so sweet and smiley, though; I don't mind seeing him awake.  When he was born my friend Trice made a car seat canopy for us, and it is super convenient.  We already had a BundleMe for warmth, but the seat's accordion shade leaves a little to be desired in terms of cuteness.  Plus, when the fabric canopy is closed it keeps germy stranger fingers out of the baby's face.  Here is the tutorial Trice used, and I finally finished making this argyle/stripe one for my friend Jill who had a baby the same week as me.  (We got a Hobby Lobby last year and I love it!  Cutest fabric.)  I traced the canopy from Trice and the Lazy Sewist in me substituted wide grosgrain ribbon + velcro for the straps instead of making fabric strips and tear-my-hair-out buttonholes.  Sewing rickrack between the layers was probably the hardest part, and you could totally skip that.  Trice and Jill and I are pretty partial to rickrack, though, so that was worth the effort.

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