Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spice Rack

Our kitchen is getting a facelift -- new doors to replace the peeling thermofoil ones, and pull-out shelves in the cabinets so we can get to the stuff in the back.  I got a quote from one of the big box home improvement stores, but the cost of refacing was as much as replacing the cabinets and we didn't want to risk breaking the existing granite counters.  Fortunately Google helped me find a local cabinet guy, Ammon, who has done a great job helping me reface for way less money.  I'm happy to support a local business, too, especially a craftsperson.  Ammon built a cabinet into the "desk" area next to the fridge since we don't ever sit at that desk.  I'll post pictures when the cabinets are finished, but I want to show you the coolest part of the project: a custom spice rack which utilizes the dead space between the pantry shelves and door.  I am thrilled at how much more space is freed up in my cabinets now.

Here is the original tutorial I saw on DIY Network.  Ammon measured my largest items and sized it accordingly, then sent me this drawing in turn. I asked him to resize one of the upper spaces to hold mini spice jars (like this), so it's a little different from the finished product. From the bottom the spaces are 16", 12", 12", 8", 4.25", 6", 8".  Ammon used screen molding on the front of each shelf (instead of the inset dowels in the tutorial) in order to maximize space for larger items like fish sauce and wrap boxes. After the rack was installed and filled I saw a picture on Houzz or Pinterest of a similar spice rack with plexiglass strips holding everything in and see-through.  Oh, well, I pass that clever idea on for you to try. 

We have a hollow-core door so Ammon used toggle bolts to install the rack securely.  For hanging there's a 1"x2"? strip along the upper edge of the rack where he put the bolts through.  I'm thinking there may be another strip like this at the bottom as well, but I was so excited to alphabetize my spices that I didn't look. 

You can sort of see in the next picture that there's a piece of lauan on the back of the rack to hold everything square without adding much depth.

You too can have a spice rack like mine.  It's the best thing since fat free tapioca pudding.

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I must have this. MUST HAVE THIS I SAY!!
How do I find this man??