Monday, July 2, 2012

Catching up

It's halfway through the year and I haven't been very good about updating the world on our adventures.  Between Bowen getting older, keeping up with making jewelry, and tracking every single thing I eat for Weight Watchers (which is, as it turns out, quite effective) I just haven't gotten around to blogging. So here are pictures of some of the other things we've done this year.

Matt Maher in concert (with Third Day)
We took an overnight in DC to meet up with my second cousin Susan and her husband Tim.  They are farmers in Minnesota, here in the capitol to lobby and visit their old stomping grounds. 

Another highlight of the trip was having tapas at La Tasca.  Bowen (5 months) did great for his first hotel stay.

I found my feet
Day trip to downtown Leesburg.  This shop's second floor is staged as a Manhattan apartment and I want so badly to live here after hours. 

We also checked out The Cottage, where I found my final pieces for the dining room wall collage...

... and Mom's Apple Pie where I first met Chocolate Bourbon Walnut pie.  OMG.

Steve and I went downtown for our anniversary (#12!), and because it was during the wine festival we found ourselves having to park on the top deck of the parking garage.  I finally found a great place to photograph the library dome, unobstructed by wires.

And new Old Jake...

Oh, and?  Filet mignon was back on the menu at Dancing Goat.  Happy anniversary to us!

After deliberating for years, we had two big (ailing) trees removed from our back yard.  In hindsight I'm really glad we did this as I'm not sure they would have survived the storm we had this past weekend.  In place of this one we now have an Autumn Blaze maple.

The Apple Blossom Festival...

Firefighter's Parade

Gettin' Bloomed (with Grandma) - Grand Feature Parade

Mother's Day flowers

John & Jenni's wedding

The National Zoo in DC

Girlfriends' Getaway with my college roommates Kristin, Val, & Jessica

Learning how to shepherd these little hearts...

Hanging out with Miss Marge while the moms watch the DVDs

Blandy Farm with Camille's family...

 Western Loudon Art Studio Tour...

Jeff & Liz Hall's kitties (and sculpture)
Once preschool let out for the summer our schedule has been more relaxed, but I have instituted "no TV during the week" so that we might be a little more creative with our time.  Like sprinklering.

And gymnastics...

We had a relaxing long weekend at the cabin in North Carolina...

And said goodbye to our beloved Riley.

I'm doing okay.  I think it was harder for me when she was sick, knowing that she wasn't her wiggly happy self and not knowing how long we had left.  Ten days after the MRI it was clear that it was time to let her go.  And I miss her so much, but it's actually easier now knowing she's not in pain any more.  She was such a great dog!

Olivia handled it really well.  We told her Riley was in heaven with God, and she seemed to be okay with that.  Sometimes she'll ask things like how Riley got there, but otherwise she just accepts that Riley is gone.  My friend Debora sent me a card that said Riley is in heaven making God's sofa smell like dog, which makes me feel better.  And on that happier note I'll include one of the outtakes from the cabin, which cracks me up every time I see it.

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