Tuesday, October 23, 2012


This sweet little guy is now a year old.  Sigh.

At this point with Olivia I was just trying to get through it (actually I'm still just kinda trying to get through it and she's almost 4) but Bowen has got my number.  Now I understand when people are so sad to see their babies grow up.

We didn't throw a party, but my mom came over to celebrate.  (Dad was out of town and was sorry to miss the fun cupcakes).  Being the good big sister she is, Olivia helped show Bowen how to do unwrap Grandma's presents.  Wrapping paper and the card envelope were plenty of entertainment for the birthday boy.

Then he saw the toy.

You can't really see, but he was making motor sounds the whole time. All boy.

Mom also brought a necklace that her sister Ruth had sent for Olivia.  Good timing with a sibling gift, ladies.

And later on our friends brought a balloon for Bowen.

Kick, punch, giggle, repeat

And then we got a box in the mail from Steve's parents.  Thanks!

Happy birthday to our sweet Bowen!

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