Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hurricane Sandy blew through this week and we had a couple days at home that we wouldn't normally have.  Olivia had the company of her Koalas class pet, Baby Squiggy, and we found lots of things to do to pass the dark, windy, rainy time.

Back at school on Wednesday with a 2-hour delay, Olivia's school didn't have their costume parade, but the kids were still excited for Halloween.

Twinsies with Audrey

Olivia was ready to trick-or-treat at 2:30, but we waited until after dinner.  

Usually I like to stay in the warm house man the door, but this year I went around with Steve and Olivia, and it was fun.  Our neighbors hosted an outreach for our church, complete with a popcorn machine, fire pit, and s'mores.

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