Wednesday, September 4, 2013


It was a beautiful day, many kids are back in school, and we didn't have to be anywhere, so my friend Apryl and I crammed our kids in the back of my car and headed to the zoo.  (I'm starting to understand why people rave about minivans.)  The day after Labor Day was a great choice for the zoo.  For once we didn't have to park a mile away, stop at every misting station, crave the frozen lemonade, stand in line to get to where we could see the animals (sleeping because of the heat).  The temperature was mild so the animals were active and fun to watch.  We especially enjoyed the new sea lion exhibit...

...the orangutan's high wire act...

... and the renovated elephant house.

We didn't get to see the new panda cub, but the zoo people are so proud.  We did get to see another panda snacking on some bamboo.

We have had a long summer here!  Most of our days were spent close to home (back yard, park, store).  I apologize if I didn't chronicle everything we did and ate.  I finally got our 2012 pictures in order which means I am way behind on the ones from this year.  And since April we've been in limbo with a possible job change (within the company) for Steve which would/will be a big deal, but it's happening veeeerrrrryyyyy slooooooowwwwly and I'm not at liberty to talk about it here which is really hard.  Sorry for being a tease; I wanted to mention it because it has affected our year a lot.  I'll tell you more about it when things are less in limbo, promise.

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