Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catching Up

Lately I have mentally been months into the future, so I forget to look back and think about how much has happened while we've been thinking about our move to Sweden.  Here's a feeble attempt to document the highlights since the summer...

We got to be at two weddings I thought we'd miss.

Cassie & John (and the most beautiful gown)
Valerie, Jessica, and Kristin - my college roomies
Our sweet baby boy turned two.

The Nittany Lion and Alice appeared at Halloween.

Grandma and Poppy came down for a visit.  By this time I definitely felt like The Boy Who Cried Wolf, not knowing when we were moving to Sweden, but wanting to take advantage of the time with people.  "We may not be in the States for Christmas..."

 We hosted a low-key Thanksgiving...

...including my friend Sarah (and her Catie) whose pilot husband was flying on the holiday.

And then it was Christmastime, so I'll start a new post for that.

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