Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drink chocolate

Steve brought this home from a trip to Sweden and thought it was brownie mix or something.  Can't go wrong with choklad. Last week I had a hankering for brownies so I Google-translated the instructions on the back.  Warm up milk, whisk in  one "msk" of Drickchoklad...

Turns out it's for making a darn good cup of dark (mörk) hot chocolate.*  With all the playing in the snow lately, the kids have been helping me use it up in the name of cleaning out the pantry.  And I found a good recipe for chewy scratch brownies since I'm guessing brownie mix is a uniquely American commodity I won't find in Sweden anyway.

*A lot of times you can figure out Swedish words if you say it out loud and think about it.  I call these "oh duh" words.  After I figured out that this is hot chocolate mix it was, "Drick-choklad. Oh duh."  

In January we learned the meteorological term "polar vortex" and the kids had many days off of school.  When the average daily high was in the teens I started comparing our weather to that in Gothenburg and it was consistently warmer there than in Virginia.  I have heard that it snows there in January and February, but rain and wind are more common weather problems.

We have heard from our relocation specialist who has been able to secure spots for the kids at a bilingual (Swedish/English) preschool.  I can't tell you how relieved I am to get this news!  Things are starting to fall in place and we're getting excited.  Still no official date for when we'll move, but it's looking like the end of February.  This month!  Will keep you posted.  

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