Friday, April 18, 2014

Bloom Room

It feels strange to be still wearing my winter coat and see fellow tram passengers wearing hats and gloves in April.  The flowers tell me it's spring, but my flip-flops are calling to me from the closet.  We have had a few warm-ish sunny days, and on one of those I wandered around window shopping in the city center.  I found a shop that I had seen before on a previous visit, one that would fall under the category of "florist," yet it's so much more creative than that.  (Or maybe all the florists here are in a different league? Red roses and baby's breath are nowhere to be found.)  Enough chatting, here are some unedited pictures I snapped with my phone.

Bloom Room
The entrance is in a hallway between streets.

Orange and lemon trees

Real (blown) quail eggs

5 points to anyone who can name the purple-veined flowers in this bouquet! 
Sweden has some unusual Easter traditions, but we are keeping it simple and just celebrating with our church family on Sunday.  We did dye eggs, and I even bought caviar in a tube to eat with them.

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