Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another week, another holiday

Sweden has a bevy of red days (public holidays) in the spring. Today was Ascension Day, so we drove up the coast to a little fishing village called Fjällbacka.  I read about it on Kevin & Amanda's blog last year while looking for her photography tutorial, and pinned it to my Sweden board for a day trip while in Gothenburg.  Driving out into the countryside was my primary reason for wanting the use of a car here, and it was beautiful.  You know, normal everyday stuff like windmills and castles.

Meanwhile Olivia practiced tying her shoes.

When we got into the village we had a delicious lunch at a wood-fired pizza place.

Then we explored the harbor a little.

And climbed up here to see it from above.

Then we drove back to Gothenburg to have dinner with friends.  Their kids don't speak much English and ours don't speak much Swedish, but they still had fun together.

People ask how the kids are liking Sweden, and in general they seem to love it.  Their biggest challenge seemed to be eating the hot lunch served at preschool, things like fish or chicken with potatoes.  No more PB&Js, and at dinner they eat what we eat instead of kid food.  In the past I might have brought hot dogs to throw on our friends' grill or even fed the kids before going, but the kids ate pork chops and veggies like the rest of us.  Proud mama!  Thank you, Swedish preschool.

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