Friday, May 23, 2014

I can make that?

It seems like the start to every entry is, "Back in the States..." and so for that I apologize.  It's what's on my mind, this constant comparison.  Some things are better here, some things are not.  Take sausage for example.  There is no sage pork breakfast sausage here, so I'm guessing it's an American thing.  It finally dawned on me that I could buy ground pork and add spices to make my own sausage. !!!  I'm still in the experimenting phase (I tried this recipe) and so far it's better than nothing, but my goal is to make a Farmer's Omelette for Steve like the ones at Perkins (bacon, sausage, onions, green peppers, cheddar cheese*).

Ditto on the Italian sausage.  We have available what is labeled as Sicilian sausage, but it is expensive and tastes nothing like American hot or sweet Italian sausages.  I like to use Italian sausage in pasta sauce and lasagna, so at least once a week.  I usually remove the casings anyway, so using this recipe I was able to make something more familiar and less expensive than the Swedish Sicilian stuff.  My friend Michele has been in Sweden for 5 years and said when she moved here is when she really learned how to cook, so I'm all for trying.  

Still on the docket: Ranch seasoning for making dressing, and something resembling the flavor of Weber white wine & herb marinade mix. (My mother has sent Ranch and Weber packets in the meantime. Thanks, Mom!)

*One thing I haven't found here and can't make is (orange) cheddar cheese.  I don't want to get into an argument about true cheddar cheese being white and from England, or whether or not cheddar makes for authentic Mexican food, but omelettes and enchiladas are just not the same without it.  

In general I'm used to cooking here, I can find what I need, and I'm generally not pining away for the prepackaged conveniences of home.  I even found a good (i.e. chewy, dense) brownie recipe, although I'm still hoarding the box of brownie mix my awesome friend Cassie sent me.  

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Cassie Collins said...

You make me smile friend. I can always send another you know ;)