Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day

It's May Day, which is this week's excuse for Sweden to have a day (or two) off of school/work.  Last night the university had a parade, and our apartment is close to the route so we watched the festivities until the kids' bedtime.  Steve thinks it would be fun to live on the Apple Blossom Festival parade route.  Hearing the marching bands and watching the floats reminded me that their festivities are this weekend, too.  And when I saw apple trees blooming today I got a homesick lump in my throat.  Winchester, I hope you guys see some sunshine this weekend!

Today was sunny but chilly, so we decided to ride the ferry through the archipelago again.  Many people were heading out to their cottages for the weekend since offices and schools are closed for May Day and tomorrow is a clämdag, the day between a holiday and a weekend, so most people have it off as well.  This time we went back to Styrsö (stoo-show), but got off at a different ferry port.  It's nice to let the kids run around on the islands because there is very little traffic, and you can hear these flatbed motorbikes coming from a mile away.

We stopped by this beautiful inn, but the restaurant wasn't open so we worked our way around to the familiar part of the island and got coffee & treats at Café Öbergska again.

Kladdkaka (Sticky cake or Mud cake)

We finished up just before another ferry arrived, so then we headed back to town for naps.

They offer children's books on the ferry

Sailing today would be "MAYDAY" instead of May Day for me

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