Saturday, July 26, 2014


For Steve's third week of vacation we welcomed our first visitors to Gothenburg.  My parents had been on a Viking river cruise with friends on the Danube, so after that they flew up to Gothenburg for a week.  We usually skype with one or both of them each week, but it's wonderful to give real hugs and do things together. Highlights...

Pickled herring
Aviator, boatsman

Ferry to Styrsö
Röhsska Museum for Design, Fashion and Decorative Arts

Horticulture Society Garden
City Museum
Of course we went to the opera
Making cookies for tea time
Hike up to Skansen Kronan

Botanical Gardens

This week was the biggest heat wave Sweden has had in ten years so we tried to find shady spots and drink lots of water.

Now the kids are on withdrawal and Steve is heading back to work, but we had a great summer vacation!

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