Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Pictures

I love taking pictures, and I have about a million and a half shots of our kids doing various things, but for the past couple of years I have made a point of having someone else take pictures of our family.  Good pictures.  Professional pictures with fall leaves, blurry backgrounds, coordinating outfits, and high-contrast awesome editing.  Unfortunately our beloved photographers were not available to fly over to Sweden this year, and I have neither the equipment nor the patience to do what they do.  But after church on Sunday as we were walking through the park by our apartment it dawned on me that I could take them myself, at least of the kids, and I really don't like getting my own picture taken anyway.  So later that afternoon I grabbed my camera and we kicked the ball around the park a little to get the kids running around.  None of those turned out, so then there was lots of me yelling, "Walk toward me. No, slow down.  Good, now do it again.  Please, sweetie, just do what I ask for five more minutes and then we'll do something fun." And literally in the span of seven minutes we got some keepers.

I was using my legs to zoom out (I just have a prime lens) and get a better angle, so Steve documented that on his phone.  LOL!

And then we took a walk...

...and had our traditional post-photography-session treat.  This year it was waffles from Cafe Kringlan.

They have a wonderful brunch spread, and I think this is where my dad would disappear to when my parents were visiting. 

Dark chocolate with dried fruit

Please taste!!  I actually wanted to see the plate's
maker's mark, but restrained myself.

On previous visits I've had one of these white things ^^^.  They're a chocolate mud cake topped with a crunchy meringue.  You knew I couldn't get through a whole post without making it about food.

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Cassie Collins said...

Oh my, the pics are amazing and the food looks delish!