Sunday, November 23, 2014


Here in Sweden we have found a wonderful church that consists mostly of expats who are in Sweden because of work or love.  They come from all over the world (Brazil, France, South Africa, China, Colombia, the UK, Germany, the US, the Ukraine...)  Many are here for a few years on contract like us, some are here permanently, and others are here for an unknown period because of turmoil in their home countries.  But we all worship the same God from the same Bible, and the church strives to adopt traditions from different cultures to make people feel comfortable.  One of those traditions is celebrating Thanksgiving dinner together.

We all brought food to share, including roasted turkey with stuffing and also scandalous nontraditional things like cottage pie and meatballs.

This is Jackie on the right, and Joyce's husband Reed on the left.

Bowen likes mashed "tatoes"
The dessert spread
Dani with the kids' thankful hands
The kids all went upstairs to watch Frozen after we ate, so the grownups enjoyed being able to sit and chat.

Anne, Caroline, and Fran

It was wonderful to celebrate this tradition with the people for whom I am so thankful.

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