Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas in Gothenburg

I was relieved to move here to Sweden in March, when the days only got warmer and brighter as the season progressed and we adjusted.  Summer was glorious, and locals acted like we didn't deserve such good weather for so long.  It quickly (for me) turned into fall, with the chill in the air starting in August, and as the days grew shorter so did my dread of the winter.  October and November were gloomy, accentuating the shortened daylight.  The first few times we saw the sun in November I couldn't stop taking pictures.

Askim Badet on One of the first sunny days after 6 weeks without any blue sky 
Now that we're getting sunshine on a regular basis and the Christmas decorations came out in full force I LOVE IT.  The darkness doesn't bother me, it just lets the lights and candles glow brighter.  Sweden really knows how to do Christmas, and it hasn't even snowed yet.

Date night at Vino Tapas
Pallets of gingerbread cookies and gingerbread house kits.

Christmas lights downtown

Even the natural parts of the area are decked out with ice and red berries.  

Steve's windshield one morning...  Reminds me of Swedish folk art painting.

Wild rose hips are everywhere, along with white birch trees. Red & white seems to be a theme for Christmas in general.

Likewise, many of the Swedish Christmas decorations have an unplugged, natural, homespun feel to them.

Berries in vases and clusters of amaryllis hanging in the window at our tennis group lunch.

Real greenery adorning shop windows.

Handstitching motif on a sign for my favorite chocolate bars being on sale. !!!

Straw ornaments, red hearts, and candles.

Woven wooden handcrafts at the Haga Christmas market.

Freshly cut trees ready to be carried home. I don't know if they do cut-your-own here, but this would be convenient for city dwellers.

Real mistletoe!  I had never seen it in person before.

Gingerbread houses

Handmade sweets and many artisan goods at the Kronhuset shops.

One of the department stores has their front windows filled with mechanical displays of Santa's workshop with elves making dolls and other toys, and even a gingerbread cookie factory.

Bowen loved watching the little train go around and around.

Gothenburg is really festive at this time of year and I just want to show you everything!

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