Saturday, June 20, 2015


Every 5 years we like to go somewhere to celebrate my dad's birthday.  This year he's 80 years young!  We chose Norway this time, so Mom and I spent months navigating the websites of various transportation companies to piece a trip together.  My parents flew to Sweden to spend some time in our city and adjust to the time difference before Norway.  We got some peaceful grownup time to sightsee around Gothenburg before fetching the kids from school.

Paddan boat tour

Orchid room at the botanical gardens

On Saturday we took the bus up to Oslo and walked around town the rest of the day. We ate the first of many bacon-wrapped hot dogs on this trip.

Akershus Fortress
Royal Palace
On Sunday we took the train across gorgeous Norway.

Close to Finse, the highest Norwegian rail station (4,009 ft above sea level)

Switching trains in Myrdal
Kjosfossen Waterfall
Journey down to Flåm
That afternoon we took a cruise on Aurlandsfjord and The Nærøyfjord. Words can't adequately describe it, so here are some pictures...

We took a bus back to Flåm for the night.  Here is the view from our hotel room at 2:42am (unretouched).  It's even farther north than Gothenburg, and this is just before the summer solstice.

On Monday morning we had some free time in Flåm. I love Scandinavia and their plethora of playgrounds.

Then we boarded the fast ferry and sailed all the way through the Sognefjord to Bergen.

Balestrand and the Jostedalsbreen glacier

On Tuesday we took the Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell tour.  Highlights...

Skjervsfossen (and rainbow)

At the Fossli Hotel (2,756 feet above sea level), just above the Vøringsfoss waterfall

The next day we had free time in Bergen.  It was the first rain we'd had, so we hung out in our hotel before flying back to Gothenburg.

Slate tile rooftops of Bergen
Baths are a special treat

Norway was incredibly beautiful and clean and I'm so glad we got to do this trip with my parents.

Happy birthday, Dad!

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