Wednesday, August 13, 2008

San Francisco

Steve and I just joined my parents for a trip to San Francisco. Flying while pregnant is a little different, mainly my ability to pay to check a bag without batting an eye, and eyeing strollers the way my brother checks out cars.  I noticed what seemed like hundreds of English luxury-class "buggys" that had not previously been on my radar. I caught glimpses of a few Aussie Bugaboos, what I consider the Rolls Royce of strollers. I had thought "everybody" had Graco Travel Systems, but I saw very few Graco strollers at all. I'm heading to Babies R Us soon (closest one is 1hr away), so I'm hoping I don't pass out in the stroller aisle.

We checked out a maternity clothing store in Union Square, mainly because I am kind of limited in the style of maternity clothing offered in our little town. This store had all kinds of fun stuff but ultimately made me realize I don't have a need for fancy maternity clothes. (Practicality still reigns in baby world.) They did have a really *well-equipped* (read: cute) giraffe print diaper bag I kind of still have a crush on.  While we were in SF Steve got to feel the baby move for the first time. I'm excited for him to feel the kitten karate, too.

Mom and I got pedicures at Bliss on Friday morning, and I have to say that was the most thorough job anyone has ever spent on my toes.

Plus, each chair has a personal video screen, they bring you hot tea, and afterward they lead you to the lounge to let your toes dry (read: eat brownies). Not to mention the live orchids everywhere and all the goodies in the bathroom like mouthwash and lotion.

We waited in line for an hour for breakfast at Mama's on Washington Square, and it was so worth it.  I had French toast made from several quickbreads, like cranberry orange and banana nut.

We went to the Chihuly exhibit at the De Young Museum.  After learning how to flamework glass on a small scale, we have even more respect for his amazing glass work.

Other highlights...

Dinner on Belden Place
Steve and I drove down to Monterey and Carmel, too.  It always seems to be overcast when we're there.

Pasta Pomodoro on Washington Square...

Mini tiramisu

And then a sunset walk up, up, up the hill to Coit Tower.

Fly fishing bar at Orvis
Fisherman's Wharf


Fortune Cookie factory

And just like that it was time to go home.  We love San Francisco!

But when laying over in Dallas...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, we totally forgot to have you look at our travel system...we have the Chicco Cortina Travel System and I love it.
Only problem it's a little bigger than Graco things and doesn't fit as well into the top of a shopping cart.