Monday, April 14, 2008

Pretty sure

I took another test first thing this morning with the same result, and then another kind of test later on. The lines in question were all kind of faint, but the instructions were clear. The receptionist on the phone at my doctor’s office assured me that there are rarely false positives. She made my appointment for May 21, which seems like a small eternity away. I wasn’t sure we’d ever get pregnant, so now I just want a medical professional to tell me that this is for real because I don't feel any different.

[By the way... 1) take note of the date on these entries because I wrote them "back when" and am posting them one by one now that we've gone public, and 2) THANK YOU to everyone who has sent their well wishes our way!]

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Elizabeth said...

I remember that...I took 3 test with Ethan too and I remember rejoicing when I started feeling nauseous because it meant SOMETHING was happening!