Wednesday, May 21, 2008

First visit

I thought that when I called my OB to say I was pregnant that they would want me to come right in and get a blood test and get lectured about taking vitamins and not eating brie. No, they made me wait over a month to come in, so it’s a good thing I have the internet to educate me. I would talk to all my girlfriends who have had kids, but this is still a covert operation since I am still in my first trimester.

So, Steve and I went for my first appointment today, which was really neat. We got to see our little sprout moving around on the ultrasound monitor and watch the little heart beating. That bean-shaped object inside the red circle is the baby.

*TMI alert, boys*

The Nurse Practitioner took measurements of our wiggle worm (18mm head to rump), so my due date is now December 26 and not the 18th. But, I did the math again when I got home and if she’s right then I broke a record for my longest cycle ever. So secretly I maintain that I am actually an extra week along, but officially I am still at 9 weeks.

I was expecting this next little tidbit only after a heads-up in the Girlfriend's Guide: The first ultrasound is an internal one. Yeah.

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Elizabeth said...

She changed my due date back a week from where I thought I was too and it felt like a regression and I was so disappointed. I did the same thing though and pretended I was further along than they said...and later the dr changed my date to where I thought it should be. And then I delivered two days after the original due date...