Saturday, June 7, 2008

Craig is my friend

When we moved to Virginia our house was bigger than the one we’d had in Delaware, so we got a bunch of beautiful furniture on the cheap through CraigsList.

Now that it’s time to decorate where I have never decorated before (nursery - the new frontier), I turned to CraigsList to see what I could find. I got a crib, mattress, a contoured changing pad, a Johnny jumper, another bouncy seat, and two shopping cart covers for $100. Score! So much easier than getting up early on Saturdays to try my luck at yard sales.

We have an extra set of bedroom furniture that I used when I was growing up, so the dresser will now serve as the changing table. Last time I was in Delaware I was at Babies R Us with Cheryl to look at cribs, and we wound up also looking at gliders. The sheer comfort combined with non-glider looks and a 20% off sale convinced me to get one. They are also cozy for texting, as C is demonstrating here.

So we've got a lot of the big stuff out of the way. I haven't looked at traveling things, like strollers and car seats. Again, it's a new frontier and I get overloaded pretty easily.

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Elizabeth said...

Hey, don't forget that when you register people buy all the big stuff FOR you at your baby showers! The only equipment I bought (besides furniture) was the Johnny jumper.