Friday, June 20, 2008


Today I met my doctor for the first time (last time it was the NP). She looked over my labs and squished my belly to feel the baby entourage, then brought out the Doppler. The baby's heartbeat was 152, so feel free to vote accordingly over on the sidebar. I was surprised Dr. Averill could count the heartbeat because of all the movement! The baby was moving around a lot during the first ultrasound, too, so I'm trying to prepare myself for an active kid. How do you get one of those mellow, easygoing moldels? Also, have they come out with self-cleaning models? That's one of Riley's features we love that wasn't even advertised.

Lots of people have asked if we are going to find out if it's a boy or girl during the next ultrasound. Yes, we're going to try, but please don't get upset if we don't share the results with everyone. You'll find out eventually!

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Kerry said...

I think I just tied the vote. I believe my daughter's heartbeat the first time we heard it was around 156.