Thursday, July 10, 2008

Caffeine Addiction

I like to have a cup (big mug, actually) of coffee in the morning to get me going. I drank it black for a while because I thought adding cream and sugar was too indulgent and I wanted to aquire a taste for the actual coffee. Now that I'm pregnant I'm limited again: 300mg of caffeine a day. That's one cup of coffee and for the rest of the day I have to watch out for soda, chocolate, and iced tea.

So one week in June while Steve was away, I entertained myself by weaning myself off of my morning cup. (The things I do in order to have something interesting to talk about when he calls!) I'd love to say that now I jump out of bed, naturally energized by the lack of chemical dependency, but I'd be lying. It's been hard.

But, kicking that morning cup has allowed me to enjoy an afternoon delight (not THAT kind, gutterheads) like an iced latte. And espresso contains less caffeine than drip coffee, so I'm in the safe zone.

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