Monday, July 14, 2008


I love this post about sanctimonious mothers, and the first comment about Drive-By-Parenting. Can't wait to feel the judgement when we pop this little one out! I've already seen the shock on people's faces when they find out it's pretty common for me to take a sip of Steve's beer. While pregnant. OMG! Your child will surely die.

And if you like that, check out CompetiMommy. It makes me want to say, "Gee, our Britney just turned 1 and isn't even sitting up. Should I be worried?" Or, "We're hoping little Sven won't learn to crawl for a while so we don't have to chase him around." Just to see the horror. As my friend Jessica once sagely observed, it doesn't matter how quickly Tommy learns his ABCs or how old Hannah is when she crawls/walks, eventually kids all catch up to one another. That went down in the Annals of Parenting Wisdom.

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The Ousdahls said...

I gotta say, I LOVED reading the Post on Sanctimommies that you referenced. Unfortunately, her post is so dead on...from the time a woman gets pregnant, she will encounter so many people like this. We are all guilty of having a Sanctimommy/daddy moment, but there are those who like she wrote:

While the Sanctimommy is quick to deem others unfit mothers based on (really, in the end) superficial decisions like the cleanliness of a child's nose or the YoBaby in the grocery cart, she's reluctant to look as closely at herself. At her own attitude. At what seems to me to be anger and angst and a general unhappiness directed at a world around her which she can't control.

The true Sanctimommy thinks she has researched "everything" and "knows" that her way is the "only" way. I do think that those like this are this way because of their desire to control it all.

Anyway, sounds like you will be a great Mommy who tries to avoid judging others, understand the concept of balance and the big scheme of things, and ultimately Love your precious little one.

Thanks for this post.