Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My quilting helper

Riley is helping me work on my quilt. And what a great helper!

Here she is holding down the fabric to keep them from being blown away by the amazing crosswinds inside the nursery.

(Okay, really she senses when she's not the center of my attention, and then places herself the center. Just wait until the baby gets here - she's in for a surprise!)

And here she is testing out the fabric for maximum napping comfort. Good thing I took pictures of the layout before the testing phase.

There's a peek of the crib for those of you interested in the nursery decor. I'm going to hold out to find out what we're having before I decide on things like paint color because right now I'm making myself crazy saying things like, "Well is that too girly if it's a boy?"

I taught workshops in Delaware last weekend, and had one lady tell me she felt strongly that it's going to be a boy. Another lady on a different day said she was quite sure it's going to be a girl. I don't have a feeling one way or another.

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