Friday, July 25, 2008


I felt the baby move today! I usually don’t pay attention to what might be going on down there, but last night as I was falling asleep I thought I felt something. Then I didn’t feel it any more so I thought it must not be our little juicebox. But today I was lying on my stomach to read, and almost immediately I felt the little one squirming around (almost to say, “Hey, don’t squish me!”).

I am 18 weeks along, and I am told that between 16 & 20 weeks I should be feeling something that resembles popcorn or bubbles. Well I’d love to come up with a brilliant comparison of my own, but to me it just feels like a tiny baby swimming around in there. No kicks or jabs, just general fluttering movement right around my ever-tightening waistband. Steve is excited to feel it, too, but he’ll have to wait a little longer to feel from the outside. And before long I’m sure we’ll both be tired of kicks and jabs.

In other symptom news, I think my month-long bout with bronchitis (and slight incontinence - eww) is finally drawing to a close. However, I'm thinking about moving over to Prilosec because my bottle of Tums is getting a workout with no end in sight. It used to be just when I got into bed, but now the heartburn is happening anytime.


Elizabeth said...

Oh I'm so jealous! I felt the baby move at 16 1/2 weeks last time and I can't wait to feel it again. The only time I got sick of it was at 2am when I was trying to sleep and it wouldn't stop! Hmmm...nothing like what Ethan is like now! Yes, Prilosec will be your friend. It was my best buddy.

Leslie said...

Tums never did it for me, even though it is good calcium. Pepcid Complete was truly my lifesaver. I remember my hubby working nights and waiting in the parking lot in the morning, until the drugstore would open at 9am to pick me up some as I was up all night propped up on pillows and out of my "lifesaver" and to pregnant to go out at 3am to get my own.....

Happy quickening to you by the gets soooo much better!

Leslie G.