Monday, July 28, 2008

Name Game

People like to look at my belly and guess whether I'm having a boy or girl, and I'm getting more girl than boy predictions lately. I am told I'm carrying high. I'm also told I'm carrying all-over. Even the voting thing over on the sidebar has girl winning by two today. I just laugh and tell people it's gonna be one or the other.

We're narrowing down names for both possibilities, but haven't decided for sure. My criteria (this week) are:
  1. Doesn't end in the -ee (long e) sound, because it would kinda rhyme with our last name. This is less important when naming a dog (ours is Riley). Then again, my mother-in-law's name ends in -ie and that sounds fine, so I guess I'm just used to hearing it.
  2. Something this lazy mouth wouldn't constantly find the need to shorten or casualize. We probably won't use Bartholemew because I'd call the child Bart all the time anyway.
  3. The most common spelling. This is not the time for us to be creative, so we probably won't go with Ginnipher.
  4. A word that the average American would be able to spell upon hearing and pronounce upon seeing, so probably not Legier (luh-ZHAY).
  5. A (somewhat) familiar name, or at least that someone would be able to pronounce the name upon reading it. I worry about little boys named Caden having second grade teachers say, "Sadden? Satan? Cadden?"
  6. Nothing too common, but nothing too unusual. Sometimes I worry that pregnancy craziness is going to cause me to be set on something totally weird, only to hate it later. I'm banking on Steve to let me know before that happens.

When people ask what we're thinking about for names, I have a few different responses. My favorite is to go with a decoy like, "We're going with a subtle nod to the Swedes, so J├Ârgen if it's a boy and Kjerstin if it's a girl." Or Little Jim Kelly (Steve is a big Bills fan). Or Sterling if it's a girl or Jade if it's a boy. Or, "We're naming it after Anne's grandparents, so Howard if it's a boy or Mildred if it's a girl."

Or, instead of sharing some we're considering, I ask for suggestions as to what we name the child. We were with Steve's family a month ago and again this past weekend, so that was kind of fun to hear what they thought.

So what do you think? Have any pearls of wisdom for naming a baby?


Elizabeth said...

Name the baby whatever your favorite name is and whatever name you have no wierd associations with. For instance, there are a lot of names that were abandoned because I had students named that. If you worry about people's comments about your name, don't tell anyone the names until the birth. No one's going to say to your face, "that's a wierd name." if it's already done.

Brian said...

You mean you're considering not naming him/her after me????? I'm watching Major Garrett on Fox News right now, so I'll push for that--Major Garrett Hussey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne! Thanks for asking!
I can imagine what nic-names will be used! Fussy Hussey when he/she is teething, Mussy Hussey after a mud puddle has been explored,Cussy Hussey after the first naughty word is spoken ! Almost anything goes these days, what with hollywood using all the fruit and nut names ! I'm sure that when you gaze upon the little darling , the correct name will just exit your mouth! I cannot wait!

Anne said...

Debora, you are crackin' me up!